South Korea opposes North Korean satellite acquisitions

The South Korean government banned dozens of materials used by North Korea in satellite development from being exported via a third country. The move is meant to prevent the secretive nuclear-armed nation from circumventing Security Council sanctions.

South Korea opposes North Korean satellite acquisitionsIn spring, Pyongyang plans to launch a military reconnaissance satellite, South Korean News Agency (Yonhap) reported. Solar cell laydowns, coarse sun sensor assemblies, star trackers, image data handling units, X-band transmitters, and control moment gyro actuation units have all been placed on a “watch list.”

The aim is to raise global awareness of the urgency of preventing the North from acquiring such materials. Several nations have already been provided with the list for export control to the North, Seoul’s foreign ministry said. By April, Pyongyang will launch a “military reconnaissance satellite” it developed during a “final-stage” test in December.

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