Jordan will update its National Action Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance

According to Minister of Health Feras Hawari, Jordan is updating its National Action Plan for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance by setting specific priorities to be implemented in the next phase. He met on Sunday with WHO Assistant Director General for Antimicrobial Resistance Hanan Balkhi, stressing the need for closer collaboration between all stakeholders to fight AMR.

Jordan will update its National Action Plan to combat antimicrobial resistance“The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment, Water and Irrigation, as well as the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration, the Jordanian Royal Medical Services and other official and civil institutions, are committed to implementing Jordan’s National Action Plan through a multi-sectoral approach to health,” Hawari said. The minister stated that initiatives related to AMR would be aimed at increasing awareness of the issue, improving surveillance across the nation, and promoting rational antimicrobial use.

As the WHO official noted, she had held several meetings with Jordanian representatives to discuss this issue, noting that the fight against antimicrobial resistance must be addressed by all sectors, partners and experts at the political, technical, and community levels. “Approximately 1.3 million deaths in 2019 were directly caused by bacterial antimicrobial resistance, according to recent studies that gathered data from 204 countries. This number is more than HIV/AIDS or malaria combined,” she concluded.

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